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We write this article not to create panic or place fear in the minds of Americans, but we do write this article in hopes that hotel-casino security is improved. Due to the 9-11 attack and the recent terrorist warnings by the FBI, many people now think twice about visiting an area that could be a possible terrorist target. It is common for a casino to concentrate the majority of its security on the casino floor, but often under-protect other areas. Casinos are lacking the security that is necessary to protect its guests. It was the recent FBI warnings on May 20th, 2002 that prompted me to write this article because I believe that land-based casinos may rank high on the list of terrorist targets. It is entirely possible to deduct that the recent threats to apartment buildings could be reasonably inferred that any large buildings where adults frequent or reside could be legitimate terrorist targets.

Case in point, I visited Las Vegas, Foxwoods, and Atlantic City directly after the 9-11 attacks. At any moment after the 9-11 incidents, I could have driven a vehicle into any Atlantic City casino or parking garage with the worst of intentions. Not once since 9-11 has anyone asked to view the contents of my vehicle while I visited an Atlantic City casino. In contradiction, several hotel-casinos in Las Vegas as well as Foxwoods posted security before entering the parking garage and asked to view the contents of the vehicles that were entering – and they had free parking!

The cost of the terrorist attacks was devastating to the economy as well as most Togel Singapore casinos. Many patrons who typically visited the casino did not go because they feared to venture outdoors, or even set foot on an airplane. Airfare and room rates plummeted. Thousands of casino workers were laid off. Construction of new casinos was halted. In order to protect their patrons, casinos will have to squeeze their budgets even further.

We have seen the worst act of terrorists in one day, but many places around the world have seen the worst of terrorist bombings for years – individuals or cars with bombs placed in very public areas. Could you imagine that happening on the casino floor or in a parking garage on a very busy weekend? The result would be tragic.

Before you refute this, let’s take a look at the evidence before us.

1) It is well known that before 9-11, terrorists had traveled to Las Vegas. Hotel-casinos such as the Stratosphere Tower have been on the list of possible targets.

2) The terrorists are religiously or morally against gambling.

3) Terrorists are targeting the economy of the U.S.

4) Terrorists would most likely target an area where adults may gather, rather than children.

Now you are convinced that casinos might be targets, but you say what can I do? Should I not go to a casino? Of course you should go to a casino. Live life to the fullest – play, drink, eat, and enjoy time with friends and family. Casinos should protect their patrons, but the patrons should also protect themselves. You say what can I do to protect myself?

1) Be alert!

2) Be sure to report anything suspicious to the property security or even local authorities.

3) Be knowledgeable about your surroundings. Know where the exits are and know how to get out of the building in case of an emergency.

4) Remain calm and do not panic.