Veteran Player w.w88 on Titan Poker Software


“Tlick7″ from the United Kingdom has been playing at Titan Poker since the end of 2006. Even so, he says “I haven’t played on Titan for all that long.”

Playing under the nickname w.w88 this VIP player is regularly ranked high on the Titan Poker promotion leaderboards.

“Please keep the table software as it is!” ”Tlick7″ says. Overall, I’m glad to encourage Titan Poker to follow the idiom: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’”

On the occasion of Titan Poker’s 6 Year Anniversary, we interviewed ”Tlick7″ and asked him his opinion of the Titan Poker software.

“I like that the table-graphics (when tables are made small) are simple and clear. But if at some point in the future the graphics are changed, DO allow players to keep the old graphics. After all, online poker can be played even if the table of the involved players appears graphically different to each of them.“

We asked “Tlick7″ what was his opinion of Titan Poker’s support team.

“It’s good that the site cares for both casual and more serious players,” he said. “The help offered by live-chat and VIP-email is good and friendly at Titan Poker. (A minor flaw in this is that one needs the Titan Poker client to be running in order to use live-chat and well, maybe one wants to contact support about the poker client not working properly *when* one is playing!)”

What promotions does “Tlick7″ appreciate?

“The occasional reload-bonuses offered now and then (especially for big-volume-players) are appreciated,” he told us.

Lars Bollhagen Will Play in Malta and Dublin

In August, Lars Bollhagen from Germany finished in twelfth place at the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Luton 2011 £1,000 + £70 Main Event, for a prize of £3,180.

This month, Lars, who plays at Titan Poker under the nickname “2sick2poka,” won seats at the DeepStack Open Malta and the Irish Winter Festival. He won his way to these upcoming live events at Super Satellites in two consecutive nights.

Ahead of his travels and quest for poker glory, we interviewed Lars and asked whether he had ever been to Ireland or Malta before.

A: No, not yet, but I am excited to go!

Q: Was the competition difficult in the Super Satellites?

A: It wasn’t difficult. I just had the right cards at the right time or the right idea. If it would have been hard for me, I wouldn’t be playing those buy-ins.

Q: Is there anything from your experience at GUKPT Luton that will help you during your play in Ireland or Malta?

A: I think that every tournament that I played so far (especially live with a higher buy-in) will help me, because every hand that I play (or fold) helps me gain more and more experience. Another good experience was the friendly and fair atmosphere at the tables in England.

Q: What do you think about deepstack poker tournaments?

The live deepstack tournament series sounds really promising. Unfortunately I haven’t taken part in any of the events yet. I really like the online deepstack tournaments, but I think that the $100 deepstack tournament is starting a bit late or, in other words, it ends late.

Q: Have you played at live events before GUKPT Luton?

A: I also participated live a few times (SPT, Hamburg Masters, Vegas Deepstack Series, Monaco the ONE), but unfortunately only for small cashouts (sometimes $3000, sometimes $4000 but nothing really impressing).

Q: Do you play live cash games with your friends?

A: No… They don’t want to play with me 🙁

Q: What is your advice for new poker players?

A: Be true to yourself and don’t lose yourself or exaggerate.

We wish Lars huge success in Malta and Dublin and expect to see him representing Titan Poker at additional live events all around the world in the months to come.