The evolution of home theatre

DVD players and multi-channel sound systems born of the digital age have propelled you past the surround sound and pure image barrier. You have entered the age of the true home theatre, the one that rivals with today’s multiplex cinemas. And yet, the ultimate, immersive experience continues to elude you: 3D movies at home!

The Sensio™3D processor propels you light years ahead of today’s conventional home theatre systems, by enabling you to use the projector you currently own to view the many 3DVD films available on the market. Insert the 3DVD into your player, activate the Sensio™3D processor, put the glasses on and enter the world of 3D: your screen will reveal a deep and vast universe from which objects and characters emerge and become almost tangible by their proximity! You’ll witness a duel in the Far West; drive a race car; make your way along the ocean floor to see the wreck of the Titanic; or travel through space aboard the international space station. With Sensio™3D, you’re truly at the heart of the action.