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Stereoscopic Production Training

Sensio provides Professional Stereoscopic Services to many of Hollywood’s Major Studios. If your company has an interest or is involved in stereoscopy, please do not hesitate to contact us

Making a 3D movie does not have to be a pain.  Contrary to myth, 3D filmmaking is not a black art or an occult science.

To support today’s producers, Sensio has developed The Science of Immersion, a dynamic, hands-on training program.

From trigonometry to cognitive ergonomics, the training program provides camera crews and animators with the required knowledge to create totally immersive and dramatic 3D that thrill audiences and help creators express their artistic intents, in a language that is easy to understand.

Customers of this innovative program include Robert Rodriguez’ Troublemaker Studios (The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D, summer 2005), Hybride Technologies (Spy Kids 3D – Extreme 3D Edition) and BVB Films (untitled project).

Traditionally, the set-up of a 3D demo room costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is quite complex:  Dual projectors, silver screens, polarizing filters, tricky adjustments and calibrations.

Sensio understands that studios do not necessarily have the time and budget for such setups.  This is why we have adapted our award-winning Sensio technology to create simple and inexpensive demo rooms, with a viewing quality that will amaze you, either in Standard Definition or High Definition Digital Video.

Our clientele for Sensio Demo rooms includes many major studios and industry professionals like DreamWorks, Crest National and Technicolor.

To avoid costly errors and rework in 3D CGI and Compositing, Sensio has developed a low-cost, 3D visualization solution that enables artists to view and correct their 3D material in real time.

Customers of this innovative solution include the University of Sherbrooke and BVB Films

We help studios and content owners get the maximum revenue out of their 3D library.  From the original assets, SENSIO offers conversion services for all formats and all secondary markets, including:

– Sensio 3D Masters

– SAFE Anaglyphic (red-cyan) masters

– HQFS (field sequential) masters

Most of the new 3D DVDs currently on the market, in all 3D formats, have been mastered by Sensio.

You want to release your stereoscopic assets on DVD?  Why not trust the experts from SENSIO?  From true stereoscopic animated menus to 3D artwork, Sensio offers a full range of creative and authoring services, partnering with studio-approved, reliable partners like Technicolor and Crest National.