Steffi Graf to get a baby @ 3.2 Slot Online

Andre Agassi has recently revealed his greatest dream: a baby with Steffi Graf. From today on, you can bet at Internet bookmaker whether this dream will come true.


St. John’s, Antigua, 16.08.2000 – Has tennis star Andre Agassi already tied the knot with his love match, retired tennis legend Steffi Graf? Rumours about a possible engagement or marriage are cited everywhere but the greatest news for the international tennis community would be to hear that the two tennis champions expect a child. Quizzed about the baby question, Andre Agassi is straightforward (I’m now ready for children), while Steffi Graf appears uncertain (Having children is not my primary concern). To allow true fans to speculate about high-powered tennis parents, today became the first established bookmaker to accept bets on whether Steffi Graf will give birth to a child before December 31, 2001 – at odds of 3.2. At least, another reason to share the couple’s luck if Andre’s baby wish comes true.


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BMM completes initial contract to test Aussie internet casinos


BMM completes initial contract to test Aussie internet casinos


– Tasmania offers gaming portal and two casino sites


The Federal Group, owners of Tasmania’s two land-based slot online terpercaya
 casinos, have just passed the first three months of live operation of their internet gaming

initiatives without a single glitch.


The Tasmanian Gaming Commission engaged testing agency BMM International as an independent validator to certify that the Federal Group’s internet gaming

operations met the required Government technical standards.


“We are pleased that our internet gaming sites have been operating seamlessly since they went live in May, thanks in part to the thorough testing undertaken by BMM,” said John Farrell, the Federal Group’s Director of Business Development.


“BMM International has taken a professional, strategic approach to certification, and offered the full complement of skills required to evaluate our new operation,” he said. “As a result, Southern Cross Casinos comply in all aspects relating to the technical, legal and operational conditions contained in their online licence.”


The A$12 million project has been operating since May, and officially launched July 4 following 12 months of intensive development and testing. Cash wagers are restricted to players outside the

U.S., and Australia, with resident Tasmanians offered the opportunity to play with “fun” money.


“Southern Cross Casinos is the gaming portal to our two internet casinos,” explained Mr Farrell. “These casinos are an extension of our land-based operations, and offer the full suite of gambling games.”


The Wrest Point Casino,, incorporates java technology through GET Systems, while the Country Club Casino applies the Access Systems platform, where players undertake a once-only download of around 15-20 minutes.


“Essentially, we tested two completely different software systems simultaneously, using separate testing teams,” said Hugh Monypenny, Managing Director of BMM International.


“We are pleased that they were satisfied with our testing, which we believe is of the highest quality and standard available today in the industry,” added Mr Monypenny, who has been involved with the Federal Group since 1994, when they tested the wide area keno network in Tasmania.


The 12-month process to test the gaming systems initially commenced at BMM’s test labs in Melbourne, then continued on-site at Federal’s premises in Hobart.


BMM was involved in a number of tasks. The company tested the random number generator, ensured that all games were played according to the rules, transactions were logged for audits, communications were transmitted via a secure channel, and confirmed that player information held on the site is protected and encrypted.


“The technical standards place a strong emphasis on player protection and harm minimization to ensure safe and responsible gambling,” said Mr Farrell.


“As a result, our systems must allow for self-exclusion and a restriction on betting limits.”


The complete infrastructure of the gaming systems were also thoroughly tested, from the telecommunications and banking links to the site’s security and disaster recovery mechanisms.


In addition, the Federal Group re-wrote the staff system procedures. BMM had to review all documentation to validate that it was correct.


The Federal Group are currently investing in trial marketing of the Southern Cross portal and individual casinos to establish the most effective promotional incentives to attract and retain players.


BMM is also engaged on an ongoing basis to certify new games. This involves verifying the return to player percentage for fairness, testing the image of the game to comply to Government standards, and ensuring that the customer has a clear display of the amount wagered.


Constant government supervision ensures all aspects of Southern Cross casino operations continue to meet the extremely high standards required by Australian Gaming Legislation.


BMM,, is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and are an internationally recognized systems assurance testing agency with 20 years

experience in validating and certifying computer systems.