Online Best Bets with Review

The following list indicates which software brand offers the best rules for the most popular games. Brands of software considered are Boss Media, Cryptologic, Microgmaing, Real Time Gaming, World Gaming (formerly known as Starnet), Playtech, Odds On, Random Logic (Casino on Net), and Unified Gaming. The criteria for judging is the lowest house edge among all bets. For example when judging baccarat I only considered the banker bet, which is the best bet on the table. In the event of a tie on the best bet, as was the case in craps, the second best bet was used to break the tie.

Sometimes an operator is allowed to set their own rules to some games. For purposes of this article I used what I found to be the most common, or default rules. All house edge figures used are based on basic or optimal strategy.


Baccarat: Boss Media (version 1), Microgaming, World Gaming, Aqua Online (tie)

All of these brands offer single-deck baccarat, with a house edge on the banker bet of 1.0117%. Note that the house edge is higher on the player and tie bets on the single-deck game as opposed to a shoe. Since the banker is the best bet


Blackjack: Boss Media

A new leader in the best blackjack category is Boss Media, version 2. Unified Gaming used to hold this honor, but slipped back when they restricted doubling to totals of 9 to 11. The player edge with Boss Media version 2 software is 0.11%. Note that there are two version of Boss Media software avaiable the old version 1 is single player and version 2 is multi-player. The single-player version 1 also offers single deck blackjack with a player edge of 0.07%. A list of casinos categorized by version can be found in my online casino index.


Caribbean Stud Poker: Microgaming.

Microgaming offers a more generous pay table than the usual one, lowering the house edge from 5.22% to 5.01%.


Casino War: Starnet.

In the event of a tie after going to war World Gaming pays 3-1 on the total amount bet, cutting the house edge to a mere 0.66%.


Craps: Casino on Net.

Casino on Net allows 3X odds. In addition they correctly let the player lay odds relative to the amount the player can win, not the bet. Most Internet casinos incorrectly base laying odds relative to the bet, not the win. By taking the full 3X odds the overall house edge on the pass and come bets is 0.47%, and on the don’t pass and don’t come is 0.34%.


Deuces Wild: Unified Gaming.

The Unified Gaming pay table returns 98.91%.


Jacks or Better: Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Playtech (tie).

All offer full pay jacks or better with a return of 99.54%.


Joker Poker: Real Time Gaming.

The Real Time Gaming pay table returns 100.18%. Note that this game involves a very hard to hit seqential royal jackpot.


Keno: Microgaming, Aqua Online.

Both Microgaming and Aqua Online offer the exact same keno pay table. The best return on keno is the pick 13 with a return of 96.54%.


Let it Ride: Starnet, Cryptologic, and Real Time Gaming (tie).

All three of these brands follow the usual rules.


Pai Gow Poker: Unified Gaming, Boss Media (tie).

Only Unified Gaming and Boss Media version 2 allow player banking (every other turn).


Red Dog: Cryptologic.

The greater the number of decks the better the odds are for the player. Cryptologic uses 8 decks for a house edge of 2.75%.


Roulette: Cryptologic.

Cryptologic follows the Atlantic City rule of giving half back on even money bets if the ball lands in zero. This is slightly better than a single zero wheel, which can be found with Microgaming, Playtech, and Real Time Gaming, but only on the even money bets. If you must play anything other than red, black, odd, even, 1-18, and 19-36 then you should opt for a single zero wheel.


Sic Bo: Microgaming.

Microgaming offers slightly better Review odds on some of the sucker bets. The best bet is still on the high and low, which pays even money.


Three Card Poker: Real Time Gaming.

Real Time Gaming is the only brand of online casino software that I know of to offer Three Card Poker. They call it Tri-Card Poker and have stingier pay tables than the normal games. Their house edge on the ante & play bet is 3.83% and on the pairplus bet is 3.49%.