Note on the last entry Online Casino Malaysia


The post about bad beats was written several days ago, but for some reason I forgot to click on the “submit” button. If I had readers at the moment, I’d apologize to them.

I wanted to write a “real” entry today – a creative one – but I’m not feeling especially creative at the moment. Possibly because after yet another middle of the pack finish last night, I spent an hour creatively writing something that has nothing to do with Online Casino Malaysia. Now I’m tired, and not the late night type of tired that can lead to great creative accomplishments.

I’ll probably be taking next month off from PSO, or at least the first couple of weeks while I make some actual money to buy (among other things) more time at PSO. While I’m not playing, I hope to be able to reflect creatively on what I’ve learned. As for now, I’ll probably concentrate primarily on learning, but if something more interesting than the typical losing hands I should’ve won happens, then I’ll probably post about it.

I Wish I Could Be On That Great Equalizer Show

I wish I could be on that Great Equalizer show

Where the beginner starts ahead of the pro

I’d be one of the amateurs for sure

Considering I’ve known how to play for

Almost three years and even that’s up for debate

Since for most of that time I was far from great

Which I may still be, but now I know the game

Enough that most of my choices don’t bring me shame

But alas, I don’t think I could be on the show

Since my public visibility is rather low

They don’t seem to want to give the prize

To someone who most will not recognize

They’ve got Jennifer Tilly & Penn Jilette

And probably others I haven’t seen yet

But if unknowns got there, then I don’t know how

I hadn’t even heard of the show until now

If I could get on that great equalizer show

My chip count would probably be far from low

With the pros starting with a large disadvatange

I could wait for good cards and then take my chances

With decent luck and not letting my blinds get stolen

Easily I could win lots and then I’d be golden

Since the pros would bet hard with far from the nuts

And when I have something I could kick their butts

I wish I could get myself on those great equalizer shows

They seem more fun that sitting here writing rhyming prose

Then I could see if all the poker skills I’ve learned

Could translate against the best into money earned

Or if I would panic among such competition

Or get too comfortable and thus fail in my mission

Or need to use the restroom to change my pants

I wish I could know – if I just had the chance