Making Health Care Cheaper Through Competition

Thank You For Your Health Care Story!

The one thing missing in the debate on health care reform is reform. Current proposals fail to address the most important problem: cost.

Attempts to restrain the rising cost of care through artificial cost reductions, restricted access and government-dictated standards is not a solution. In reality, it will destroy the greatest health care services in the world. Remember, Saudi sheiks fly here to go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Real health care reform must put the people first–not government bureaucracies, elected officials or special interest groups.

I have advanced the Health Care Freedom Act to preserve our right to make our own health care and health insurance choices. I believe that with the advice of our doctors, we as individuals make better health care decisions for ourselves and our families.

The Health Care Freedom Act is a citizen-centered proposal. It will encourage and catalyze appropriate health care reform by giving tax deductions to individuals to purchase their health care, eliminate costly insurance coverage mandates, and allow Minnesotans to purchase health insurance products across state lines.

Through increased information, innovation and market competition, consumers can demand – and the market will provide – accessible, affordable health care of the highest quality.

I recognize your voice is the most important in this debate. I have proposed the Health Care Freedom Act as a constitutional amendment, which will allow you to have direct say in health care reform.

This is just one part of a solution. There are many proposals honing in on free market reform, competition, privacy and security that have been brought forward and then ignored. Three such examples:

  1. Tax incentives for individuals,
  2. Eliminating mandates, and
  3. Allowing the purchase of health insurance products across state lines

It is time to change the focus of health care reform from what government wants to what our people need.