Ladbrokes October Cash Race is Underway!


Ladbrokes Poker is one of the leading online poker rooms in the world today, especially in the United Kingdom. Poker sites don’t get to be as respected as Ladbrokes unless they do a really good job looking out for their players, and this October the online poker room is reminding everyone that its player-base is their top priority, by hosting a €20,000 Cash Race to reward loyal players. Even if you haven’t signed up with Ladbrokes yet don’t fret, you can still get in on the action.

So what is a cash race? Well to allay some fears right off the bat, there’s no running involved so we can all partake from the comfort of our computer chair. You also don’t have to be a huge winner at online poker to be rewarded by this promotion, as the winner of the race isn’t the person who has earned the most money, but rather just the person who has played the most poker, thereby generating the most Ladbrokes Poker Points. That’s it, simply play as much poker as you can for two weeks and you could find yourself walking away with your share of €20,000.

The only catch is that the higher the stakes you play, the more points you earn. Ladbrokes has found a way to even the playing field somewhat, however, by offering in effect three separate levels of the cash race. Level One is for players bitcoin roulette playing at 0.10/0.20 and 0.20/0.40, Level Two for players playing at 0.25/0.50 and 0.50/1.00, and finally Level Three is for all stakes 1/2 and above. They’ve also changed up the process slightly, this time requiring players to opt-in to the Cash Race, thereby ensuring that the winners knew they were even competing in the first place. The three separate levels mean that even smaller stakes players have a shot at the cash, and the opt-in requirement is a huge advantage, as it significantly lessens the opposition. Just don’t forget to opt-in!

The prizes of this cash race are, true to the name, straight money which will be paid into your account. The Level 1 race pays out the top twenty finishers, while the Levels 2 and 3 races, which are for slightly higher stakes players, pay all the way out to the 25th place finisher. Full details can be found at the Ladbrokes Poker website, but to give you some idea of what’s up for grabs, if you finish first in the Level 3 race then you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic instant cash prize of €1,500.

So we know that to win the race you have to earn the most Poker Points, but how do you go about earning these in the first place? This month’s promotion is taking place between the 8th and the 21st of October, so during that time you simply need to play on any Texas Hold’em or Omaha tables at the applicable stakes and you’ll automatically be earning Ladbrokes Poker Points. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing Fixed Limit, No Limit or Pot Limit Texas Hold’em and the Omaha can be Hi/Lo or straight Hi, just as long as you’ve got cards and real money chips of any currency in front of you, you’ll be earning points and racing to the cash.

We’re already part-way into this month’s promotion, but there’s still more than enough time to earn your spot on a leaderboard and pick up a little bit of extra cash for the month’s poker!