Increasing your 먹튀사이트 Customer Service Odds

No matter what you do there are going to be some casinos where you will not receive the customer service that you deserve. But many times, what you do can influence how you are treated. While researching this article, I spent some time going through my customer correspondence to see what circumstances caused delays or problems. I came up with a few suggestions that will make both of our lives a little easier.

What can you, the customer, do to increase your odds of getting better customer service?


Perhaps surprisingly, I recommend trying to limit all your correspondence to email, and using the phone as a last resort. Why? Not only do you have a record of your correspondence, but the casino does as well. This is important when going from one Customer Service Representative to another. Additionally, in most instances, you will also have the name of the person helping you, which has numerous benefits. For instance, except for emergency situations, you can direct all your email to that person, and, if you aren’t happy with the way you are being treated, you can tell the supervisor or manager the name of this person.


It is very important to always include your complete name and account number on all of your correspondence. You’d be surprised at the number of emails my staff receives where the customers haven’t identified themselves. It reminds me of a commercial on TV a couple of months ago that showed a young woman who walked into a store and said, “Hey, you remember me? I bought a CD here a couple of months ago.” Sending an email without identifying who you are, or even just using your first name, is pretty much doing the same thing. Just think how many customers named ‘John’ there are out there.

Even including your last name is not enough, because not only are there a lot of John’s in the database, there are also a lot of John Smith’s. So make sure that you also include your complete account number. This is how the casino is able to positively identify which ‘John Smith’ is asking the question. Finally, if you are writing to get your account information, you will need to include your physical address. Then the Customer Service Representative will know that you are the ‘John Smith’ from Pittsburgh, instead of the ‘John Smith’ from Atlanta.


Be specific about your problem or question. You would not believe how many emails I get every single day where I have no clue as to what the customer’s problem or question is. It is such a waste of time for me and my staff to have to write back to the customer to ask them to be specific concerning their question or problem. Then the 먹튀사이트  customer has to take the time to write again and the whole process is needlessly delayed. You have to understand that we cannot see you, and we cannot see what is on your computer.


If you are having a problem with game play, tell us the specific game you are having problems with, the exact time you experienced the problem (don’t worry, we’ll make the time conversion for you) and the specific nature of the problem. If you are asking about a cash-in, you need to specify the date and the amount. If you are asking about a promotion, paste it or attach it to your email, and if you no longer have it, at least tell us where you saw it. Again, and I cannot stress this enough, include your account number. Don’t send me an email that says nothing more than, “Where is my money?” (I get piles of these, too!), and then get angry when I can’t help you.


Once you have sent your email, you need to have some patience. Think of your email as your place in line. Keep in mind, however, that there could be 5 people or 100 people ‘standing’ in front of you. This number can increase dramatically when there is a promotion is going on, and increases even further if that promotion ends up getting posted on one or more of the many gambling forums.


If I send a promotion out to 200 folks, I am expecting less than 100 responses and staff the casino accordingly. If it gets posted on one or more forums … BAM! I can easily end up with 700 or more emails, and somebody is at the end of that very long line. When impatient people start sending in a bunch of, “Hey, I am waiting”, emails the line gets unnecessarily longer. Quite honestly, when this happens, my regular customers are going to get taken care of first … they get to cut in line.


Whether it is with your mouth, or with your fingers, please think before your speak. Taking just a few minutes to compose your thoughts will help you remember to provide the information that you need, like your account number, and if you are upset, will give you an extra minute to calm down.


Just because you aren’t face to face with me, doesn’t mean that you should call me names. I promise you, I will not resolve your problem, or respond to your question any faster if you are abusive to me or my staff. Although not always the case, most people will not be so rude or abusive when talking face to face. So in cases such as this, when it is not possible to have a face to face conversation, just write your email as if you were speaking to me in person.


Finally, if you are not satisfied with the response that you are getting from Customer Service, or you are not getting a response at all, take it to the next level. Look on the website for the email addresses of the manager, cashier, or who ever is at the next level. If you cannot find a separate email address for them, then send it to Customer Service with “Attn: Manager” in the subject line. Your problem may be one that the CSR has no authority to handle.


Once you go to the higher level, don’t expect an immediate response. Unlike 24 hour Customer Service, management normally only works 8-12 hour shifts, 5-6 days per week. More often than not, you will not find a manager on duty at night or on weekends. In a perfect world, the CSR would tell you when management will be there, but this isn’t a perfect world. If you are going to call, send an email first stating the problem and that you would like to speak to a manager. This will allow the manager to have the necessary information at hand to help.


Will following the above advice mean that you will always get the service you deserve? Nope, but it will increase your odds at the Casinos that have half-assed customer service skills. You can be certain that it won’t make a bit of difference at the Casinos that have absolutely no customer service skills, but hey, when you find Casinos like that, don’t visit twice.