Eye-popping DVD, Encounter in the Third Dimension to be Bundled with award winning SENSIOTM 3D stereoscopic video processor


Los Angeles, April 30th, 2003 – Sensio and SlingShot Entertainment signed an agreement that makes SlingShot the first home video distributor to embrace the new SENSIO 3D technology by releasing five 3D movies from its 3D DVD library on the SENSIO format.

2003 CES Innovations Award Honoree SENSIO introduced its patent pending SENSIOTM 3D stereoscopic video processor to home theater retailers last January. It is expected that more than one hundred stores will begin to sell the product in May in approximately eighty markets in the U.S. and Canada. SENSIOTM 3D processor offers an innovative solution, which provides stunning stereoscopic viewing capabilities to existing home theater systems while being compatible with DVD players and current projection devices.

The agreement provides that the SENSIOTM 3D processor will be bundled with Encounter in the Third Dimension, one of the best selling 3D DVDs distributed by SlingShot Entertainment. Produced by nWave Pictures and originally presented in IMAX® theaters, the film is a ground-breaking venture into the realm of 3D filmmaking, from a re-creation of one of the earliest 3D movies ever made to classic clips from Hollywood’s 3D heyday during the 1950’s to modern creations such as James Cameron’s ride film, Terminator 2: 3D. “We could not have a better film to introduce our SENSIOTM 3D processor. Encounter in the Third Dimension will give to our clients an overview of the history of 3D in filmmaking. I am proud to add that SENSIO is now part of this history” stated Nicholas Routhier, President of SENSIO.

The four other movies to be formatted on DVDs compatible with SENSIO’s processor are SOS Planet, Haunted Castle, Alien Adventure and Ultimate G’s: Zac’s Flying Dream.

“We are very fortunate to have SlingShot Entertainment as our first movie distribution partner. SlingShot will provide SENSIO 3D’s customers with high quality film productions that will definitively entice the at-home audience and take advantage of SENSIO’s 3D technology,” stated Richard LaBerge, Vice President Sales and Marketing of SENSIO. “We are currently working on a slate of several other titles for the coming months as we are engaging in what promises to be a long and fruitful relationship with SlingShot Entertainment, the world’s largest distributor of stereoscopic movies on DVD.”

“We are incredibly thrilled by the new SENSIO 3D technology and are eager to team up with SENSIO to provide SENSIO 3D owners the ability to buy our 3D DVDs on SENSIO’s format.” commented Mitch Perliss, Vice President and General Manager of SlingShot Entertainment. “In addition to these titles, SlingShot anticipates releasing six to twelve additional films in 2003 that will be reformatted for sale to SENSIO consumers, and more in 2004 and beyond.”

Three movies produced by nWave Pictures will be offered by SlingShot to SENSIO’s customers. SOS Planet is an innovative eye-catching 3D documentary narrated by award-winning journalist Walter Cronkite. SOS Planet takes the viewer to the heart of the most environmentally challenged areas of our planet. The movie is currently being played in Imax theaters across North America. Haunted Castle, described by Hollywood Reporter as a “razzle-dazzle visual feast,” provides a whirling visual thrill ride as Johnny, a young musician, explores the underworld of his late mother’s castle to the explosive climax where he confronts Mr. D and fights to free his mother’s spirit. Alien Adventure, is the first digitally 3D animated movie ever created for giant screens. In the film, audiences will follow a group of aliens as they explore a new hi-tech theme park and become immersed in a succession of eye-popping adventures.

Ultimate G’s Zac’s Flying Dream, directed by Carl Samson and produced by SkyHigh Entertainment, contains the most dynamic aerial stunts ever shot in large format woven into a delightful story of a young boy’s dream to fly. The aerial adventure takes place over the spectacular backdrop of the Grand Canyon and gives the audience the thrill of a lifetime!

Four of the DVDs will be sold through the Internet website www.slingshotent.com  and through selected SENSIO 3D retailers. The retail price for the SENSIOTM 3D processor will be $2,995. The processor will include the DVD of Encounter in the Third Dimension and two pairs of wireless glasses.


Founded in 1999 and privately held, SENSIO brings the home movie experience to its next level by developing and marketing avant-garde technologies that offer the most advanced and immersive movie theatre experience to home viewers. The first product derived from SENSIO’s research and development effort is SENSIOTM 3D, a revolutionary video processor transforming the conventional home theatre into a 3D stereoscopic movie experience. The headquarters of SENSIO are in Montreal. Primary investors include CDP Acces Capital, RESO Investissement and current management.

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