3D at home: a reality

Traditionally, 3D at home has been synonymous with multi-coloured cardboard glasses that create a fuzzy 3D effect and that alter the original colours. The overall experience has pretty much been a big letdown. The inherent value of evolution is that it redefines the genre and sheds new light on the classics. After having had incredible 3D experiences at movie theatres and theme parks, today’s consumer has become more demanding.

The Sensio™3D format and processor open a new chapter in the digital era. They have been designed to satisfy the needs of the most discerning home theatre fans by offering the following features:

  • DVD quality image at full resolution;
  • 3D richness that rivals with the best movie theatre experiences;
  • images you can almost reach out and touch;
  • unparalleled screening comfort;
  • compatibility with most home theatre systems equipped with a projector.

The Sensio™3D experience will convince you that the 3D home theatre experience is now a reality.