3 West End Shows You Can’t Miss

I have always been a fan of London theatre, ever since childhood when it was deemed a valid reason to miss a day of school as part of a ‘school trip’. Nowadays, it is the perfect excuse to make a trip to London and transform oneself into a glamorous and cultured person about town for the evening. In fact, you may as well make a weekend out of it, staying a night or two and enjoying the rest of what London has to offer. What better way to get over those January blues!

  1. One Man Two Guvners at the Royal Haymarket Theatre

I saw this play last week and having always considered myself to be more of a musical lover, I have been converted. It is a truly laugh-out-load British comedy, guaranteed to leave you shocked, but smiling and keep you talking about it for a long time afterwards. The show was home to famous comedian, James Corden´s debut into theatre and after its immediate success; he has gone on to launch the show in New York. Even without his big name behind the show, it is unforgettable thanks to the amazing cast of actors and their improv skills. The directors even started to criticise the cast for too much ad-libbing, but I found it really added to the hilarity of the show, making it more like slapstick stand-up comedy. The Haymarket Theatre itself adds a lot to the experience too with its intimate charm; even with the cheapest seats you won’t miss out on a thing. The show is suitable for all ages and I would recommend this play to anyone who enjoys laughing.

  1. Billy Elliot at Victoria Palace Theatre

It is no surprise as to why this musical has won so many awards. I dragged my boyfriend to see it last summer and even he was left amazed, its definitely not just one for the girls. The emotional story of the difficult Thatcher years, behind the singing and dancing makes for an interesting and powerful contrast. Billy himself is inspiring to watch, as you can’t help but to become involved in his struggle to become a ballet dancer in a northern mining town. The show has been on at the West End since 2005 and, naturally, has become a spectacle worldwide.

  1. War Horse at the New London Theatre

War Horse is a technically brilliant and imaginative show, bringing horses to life on stage using creative puppetry that is a joy to watch. This clever technique makes the show entirely original, nothing like you have seen at the theatre before. Together with the heartwarming story of the love between a boy and his horse throughout both of their journeys at war, this makes the show a definite must see. But be warned – it’s a tear jerker! I would even go as far as saying this show is a valid excuse for a school trip because of its historical content about World War 1, or if anyone was looking to pick up some puppetry techniques!

These shows are a thrill to watch, dynamic and captivating, they let you experience the pleasure of watching live actors and the skills they are capable of on a stage. Of course, being in the London’s West End makes them all the more exciting; bringing to life the atmosphere of the city at it’s finest.  Oh-London have a range of apartments in London’s West End, as well as across the city. So you could stay right in the heart of the West End to soak up all of the action and drama, the perfect reason for a London getaway! Are you a BIG lover of Calendar, find a big collection of Nude Calendars here.